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Banjo union pipe for Comet


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VOC Member
Does anyone know where to buy A48 (5/16") and A48/1 (3/8") banjo union?
Thanks for your advices.


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But on my Comet, the metal pipe welded on the oil tank to which A58AS is connected is 3/8"and not 5/16". So on my bike the two oil hoses (feed and return) are in 3/8" as we can see (with a magnifying glass) on fig.95 page 187 of the Richardson and as I seen on an other Comet in France. Surprising isn't it, and reason for all this confusion !
Some one has an explanation or a hypothesis ?

PS: all the other hoses are well in 5/16".
Hi Michel,
I have my hands up and apologise to all, I have led astray!
I have just checked [what appear to be original] two oil tanks and you are quite right, the return metal pipe at the bottom of the oil tanks are 3/8"OD.
Another one that I have looks like a replica tank and has a 5/16" pipe. I must've had that in my minds eye.
So yes, it would appear that the return AND the feed would use A29 banjo's and 3/8" ID rubber pipe too.
The smaller pipe banjos and ferrules just for the cylinder feed. [and petrol pipes]
Aren't pre-war's fun?
Cheers, Delboy.


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VOC Member
Good morning everyone,
Which confirms what you wrote above, drawing 16 in The Altarnative Spare List A is wrong. I know what to order to put back the oil circuit as it was originally. I thank you all for your explanations which ended up establishing the truth (and particularly Simon and Delboy).
One last question, what is "Back to A" and where to buy it ? Because as said Delboy I schould have one.
I wish you a pleasant rainy Sunday.

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