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  • 08/04/21. A costly mistake? Humphrey Smith from Japan with his basket case Series 'A' Twin. The full story can be read over the coming months through the pages of MPH.
    Photo courtesy: Humphrey Smith.

Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club

Kempton Park Motorcycle Autojumble
  • 82
  • 0
19th June

Ticket Info: https://www.kemptonautojumble.co.uk/tickets

Running for over 30 years, Kempton Park Motorcycle Autojumbles have become a long-standing tradition within...
Ashford Classic Motorcycle Autojumble
  • 229
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3rd May - May Bank Holiday Monday

Ashford Classic Motorcycle Autojumble
Ashford Livestock Market, Ashford, Kent TN24 0HB

Non-essential retail opens on 12th April and Elk Promotions...

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Front Cover: The VinTon — during the recent lockdown, one Member had plenty of time on his hands and had heard a number of stories about Vincent/Norton hybrids, so decided to have a go himself. There were plenty of engineering challenges, but he thinks that in the end the result looks pretty cool. He states that the performance seems a little disappointing and it feels a little wobbly on the front end, but he’s sure these issues are just teething problems. The good news is that he got a really good price for the bits of the two original bikes that he didn’t use. Photo courtesy: A. Whitworth-Nutter, Bolton. (Yes, it really was 1st April recently!).

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