Series 'B' Gear linkage.



Does anybody know where I can buy a 'B' linkage from or could someone supply with details of the linkage so then I can get a couple made?

Tom Gaynor

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Series B gear linkage

A man with a lathe could make it. It would be more expensive if it needed left-hand threads, since LH taps would have to be purchased. I THINK I could screwcut the male parts.
I had a look in the C spares list, where KTB says the B / early C gearchange parts are shown. Damned if I can find them.
Nor can I open your private message. Could you send it to my private address?
Saw VG's new toy today. He's in love. (Other readers: it's a Ducati Diavel, with three engine management settings: city, touring (120 bhp), and short-lived insane.)
I have two sets of them! It's the linkage in between that I'm going to try and replicate or even better if I can buy.

roy the mechanic

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whilst i can (sort of) understand the originality point of veiw it's a peice of junk, otherwise why did the two Phils change it?


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I'd imagine that the later single bit of aluminium gave a considerable cost saving on materials over the early set and would have saved a fair bit of assembly time. Stories are also told of steel shortages leading to greater use of aluminium.


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Try calling Steve at Maughan & sons on 01529 461717
he made a set for me in s/steel to go with my b engine re build he was doing for me

A top (10 out of 10 ) job he done too