An antidote to panniers

Bill Thomas

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In 1970 about 14 of West London went to IOM, And I spent half my time catching up to Ken,
And telling Him his Stuff was falling off the back !!.
Like Big Ed , I used throw over leather bags and a tank bag,
I could not ride with all that stuff on the back, And some people a passenger ,
Don't know how you get round corners ??.

Bill Thomas

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Always liked the look of the German's set ups when going to the IOM,
Stuck with me ever since, I am sure a Tank Bag must keep you warmer too ?.
But when used on my Blue Racer, I could relax on the back straight, I was a bit Nervous and got
Cramps ?.
Didn't think they would allow it , but they did !.


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Here is a neat egli baglux/bagster (are they same company?) I snapped in the IOM in I guess 2018. Any ideas what type of bike they were for?
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Comet Rider

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Hi Tim,
They are basically the same company.
That is one of their universal tank harnesses. They do 2 types road and trail



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There is one excellent antidote to panniers, which I use on my Godet Egli and an old BMW R100T. It has much greater carrying capacity, only loads the bike by about 10lbs. VERY marginally increases, stopping distances, only very marginally decreases performance, and is instantly detachable


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Marcus Bowden

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Trailering is no fun with the speed limit and one can't filter, now an articulated trailer like Ian Savage had not too wide, filtering can be done and speed up to normal speeds as no restriction.
Panniers !!! made onboard the last ship that came out of Danyard for Chiquita bananas 1992 with the assistance of my fitter who made up the big panniers and frame while I made the small ones which were intended to be fuel tanks of 12 Ltrs each. All within 28"'s so goes through any standard doorway. Ten weeks living off the bike in 1995 NZ trip prooved very adequate for a few days provisions clothes and fuel. On leaving the ship in Bremerhaven I had these on and my small Cravens either side of my front wheel, when arriving at the German Rally Tony Wheetly gave me the nickname of ""panniers"" the side stand was a later addition. 30 seconds by removing four "R" pins will have the panniers off the bike and then it becomes our picnic table sitting on the small panniers and eating off the large with the stove on the S/S framework in the middle.


Robert Watson

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You have mostly all seen this before. This was 10 weeks on the bike in Europe in 2010. Never felt anything but comfortable the whole trip and we did absolute minimum of motorway travel. By the way, that picture of some Vancouver Section on the ferry that Glenliman posted was actually not a VOC ride but a CLUC ride. we just happened to be on our Vincents.
The tank bag was a Vancouver made one. It has a "pad" that is strapped to the tank with hole cut out where the oil and fuel fillers are and the bag clips to the pad in 4 places. Fuel stop involves two clips to snap open and stand the bag up on the seat.

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