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RH Insurance BE CAREFUL!


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I don't particularly like dealing with people who offer you low as standard but then upgrade when asked, I'd much prefer that it is given up front. However RH has had consistent premiums for me year on year unlike others who give a good quote for new or returning customers but try to hike the premium on a renewal. Why penalise loyalty?
Two reasons, in my opinion.
First is they believe you to be to lazy or stupid to check around, so they figure they have you in their pocket.
Second is even more simple, they're greedy and they can.
For the longest time I was loyal to my insurance carrier on my house insurance combined with my non-classic car and bike insurance. Then last year this time we had a wind storm over night and in the morning my son noticed that our roof was in the neighbors from yard. They wouldn't cover a thing. Depreciation of the roof due to age (18 yrs old), only half the roof was blew off (only going to pay to repair the damaged half), increased deductible that had gone into affect but noticed had not been mailed yet.
So I decided to check around on my house and non-classic vehicle insurance. I found it cheaper. People I worked with told me they change every 2-3 years to keep their rates down, because of reasons I stated above. In the past it didn't seem to be that way when I checked around. Now it seems to be.
On the classic vehicle side, Hagerty has always been the best when I've checked.


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I still don't understand what the difference between outside your house and 500 metres away is. If I get a bike out and call for my mate who lives 450 metres away, he says come in for a cuppa and the bike disappears ie. they were watching with a van. I don't get a payout. Surely you're either insured or not insured?
Obviously it goes back in a locked and alarmed garage from 10pm to 6am or longer.
A tracker on every bike would be very expensive, so all you can do is chain it every time or refuse the cup of tea :)
I agree whole heartedly, either you are or you aren't. Just like you can't be a little bit pregnant. I'm sure the insurance companies will tell you it's insure that you put the vehicle safely away when you're done using it and thus minimize the risk of theft or damage due to vandalism, thus helping maintain lower premiums. But I think it's one of two reasons. It's just a way to catch you out and avoid paying if you inadvertently leave the vehicle out over night. The other is I think they think it will help to avoid insurance fraud. Prior to computers I think it was probably fairly easy to commit fraud by selling a good distance away and claiming theft.