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I may have mentioned this before but I used it yesterday and popped it back in my pocket later camera PC and this tool came together so I snapped it.
its a most useful tool for a difficult Vincent job


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If it is for removing/fitting the upper valve guides then I understand it but years ago I made one that was much longer and had different sizes at different ends. If it is not for that you have me beaten.


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That's it rapcom! saves lots of worried work with a screwdriver and it wont slip off
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Having made the tool for tightening securely, then sleepless paranoics like me need one of these:

"The Bob Cottam Patent G34 Constant Clockwise Torque Application Tool"

I, er, made it meself. Once fitted into the slot of the tightened G34,and retained by a 1/4 BSF bolt, a H31 brake shoe return spring is fitted to the hole at the rearmost end, and the spring is anchored,under slight tension, to a tab retained under the nearest nut that retains the FT5 plate. Thus the tool positively locks the G34, and applies/maintains a modest tightening torque constantly,via the spring tension. The tool arm has of course have to be brazed/ welded to the boss with the correct orientation to suit wherever the G34 slot comes to rest when tightened fully in any given engine, leaving clearence also from the dynamo clamp , and bent down to clear the dynamo body itself. It sits unobtrusive and largely hidden from view, giving me restful sleep.......... Bob.


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It is actually much easier to adjust the thruplewinit with a glubblecromp than use one of these. Grubblecromps are of course readily available on certain electronic auctioplumps OK? All replies to Stanley Unwin.