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Thank You everyone for wearing your gear. It means we'll be around for a bit longer to share our stories. In 40 plus years of riding, I've been lucky and only gone down three times. No impacts, just bounces/rolls/slides. Helmets always came out looking pretty good. I normally wear a Schuberth helmet cause it fits my German noggin, leathers (old), good gloves, good boots, jeans (heavy). I don't have blueTooth, most of my bikes are 6 volts. I still have an indent in my leg from my bike landing on me while going down the freeway but everything else is still intact or healed. Too many broken ribs/punctured lung. Funny thing, on my jeans, my left leg had a tear but no marks on my leg, the right side of my jeans showed no damage what so ever but my leg was abbraised and bloody. That one was from a large truck that pulled in front of me and decided to stop. Me going under it. No, I wasn't trying to take a short cut ;) I still count myself as one of the lucky ones.