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Slater egli vincent 6v or 12v


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My dads egli wiring needs to be finished off as he never got round to getting it done before he passed away.
It has 2 battery trays 1 each side for the batteries.
It would have been 2x6 volt batteries i presume?
I cheated for MOT and took the lights etc off and fitted a bulb horn and transported it in a mates van.
Now i want to get it finished off properly and wired up so it can be used.
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 6 volt system?
Is it wired in series or in parallel?
Can it be changed to 12 volt system easily? If so what would this involve?
Or should i just leave it 6 volt as it was designed?
Thanks for the help, Grant.


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Hi Grant,

If you are using a fifties dynamo something like ebay item 390222075343 will let you choose whether to run six or twelve volts. Check out AO services (http://www.aoservices.co.uk) for more details. For six volt with two 6v batteries run them in parallel, for twelve volt run 2x 6v in series. 12v lets you buy lamps, horns etc. from car parts dealers. LED front and rear lamps put much less strain on the charging system.

You could make the August section meeting today, in daylight!

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It is running a miller dynamo as fitted when bought new from Roger Slater.
Basically the bike was bought as a kit when new but never finished off so even though some of the wiring has been run to the lights etc it has never had batteries fitted or terminals crimped on.
Not really ready to take on the road yet as the lights are back on but not wired up and it has not even been on a test run yet let alone a long ride.

ray vinmad

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I would suggest that if your knowledge of wiring is such that you don't know the difference between wiring batteries in parallel & series you would be wise to get somebody else to do the elctrics or risk the bike going up in flames.

Good luck,



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Yes not worth risking that. I have some knowledge of vehicle wiring and have swapped looms and cut and repaired them etc in the past but to be honest i think i would get my mate round who is a motor vehicle electrician to be safe.

Mark Fisher

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This might be the time to make a serious decision about the bike, spend a bit of extra cash now and avoid a lot of hassle in the future. I would fit an Alton 12volt alternator, but make sure it is the latest version (some of the earlier ones have an internal nylon gear that strips its teeth in certain situations) and it is vital that the sprocket engagement with the primary chain is not too tight. This unit puts out tremendous power, 150 watts i think, and gives you a lot more option with bulbs, horns, ignition systems etc. The wiring system can be simple or complicated depending what you want to have on the bike. You could simply have the charging system plus lights, horn and brake light or at the other extreme, charging system, lights , horn, brake lights, indicators, electronic ignition system,coils, hand warmers ets, etc. The miller is barely able to keep the lights bright never mind anything else!
Have you considered getting Ferret to wire the bike? Apparently he does a good job and works specifically on bikes. In my experience a lot of guys who work on cars tend to use unsuitable connectors and such on bikes and generally find bikes mystifying, which is baffling because the are much simpler than cars! Of course the above does not necessarily apply to your mate!
Either way, good luck and enjoy the bike before the summer is over!
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