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A Mate Of Mine Is Moving Back To Australia And Is Looking For Somebody To Ship His Bike Out. Does Anybody Have Any Contact Details For Reasonably Priced Oneway Shippers - The Bright Side Is There Is One Less Harley In This Country.
Any Info Would Be Gratefully Received


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CH Robinson


Try Brian Moxham at CH Robinson, they advertise in MPH and other single make bike clubs.

I brought my Rapide back from Australia one way in June this year and they arranged everything, crating, shipping, paperwork and all. The only thing I had to do seperately was insurance - try Arthur Farrow I think through the club it was that I did mine.

I got two or three quotes and CH Robinson were fair and competitive - Brian was most helpful and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Bike arrived in the UK in a handmade crate, nicely tied down inside and as it goes by cubic volume rather than pure weight I managed to get two large boxes of spares in the crate for no extra charge - your mate mighty like to consider that and take some other stuff back this way packed around the bike.

I did mine by container ship - cheapest way.

All told, less that £900 I recall.


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