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Marty Dickerson


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This just arrived a few minutes ago... Doesn't sound too good.
Hey there Folks,
Been a while since i have written anything in the way of updates about your your friend and hero. This one comes a a pretty scary time. The old fart looks like has developed some blockage in his return arteries leaving his heart. Had a heart attack the other morning without chest pain.Managed to convince him to get a professional opinion.
He is currently at the starting gate and will proceed this morning for one more race with the attempt to unclog the sludge build up. That is his will, is to GO FOR IT, I AM NOT READY TO THROUGH IN THE TOWEL YET. Upstairs he is firing on all cylinders as his doctor says so, here we go.
So again, do what you do for the old fart, prayers, vibes, good thoughts or what ever. I am leaving here in a moment to wish him well, I personally will say a prayer and send him in with the doctors to remove that damm sludge build up.
This is a very scary thing. He, again is all together upstairs and I am following his wishes. The doctors have his blessing, but I am hestitant. But the alternative is do nothing, well................

I will get back with u folks in a while to give you the mechanics diagnosis. Pray he has worked on Vincents before

The other Marty


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I didn't properly post the one above yesterday, this one was in the mail this morning.

Well Folks,
The race is not over. The reason they went in and told us that a heart attack had happened is because, A extremely high enzyme that was detected that organs give off when damaged or dying. It is caused from dying tissue from the heart itself. There was apparently no new damage and the elevated enzyme was unexplainable as far as new damage goes. They pulled the camera out and did not have to do anything.

The left and right ventricals are tired, Well would you be after 93 + years, 34,000 days, at 80 beats per minite that is >>>3916800000 times that his heart has beat.
He also has a bit if anemia due to the kidneys and dialysis. They gave him a blood transfusion today. He has a fairly significant blockage in one of his arteries going to his legs.

After all that he is expected to get back on his feet, regain some of his energy and continue the race. The next couple days he will be evaluated through physical therapy. We are hoping that he is able to come back home in a couple days.

Overall, given all he has been through, he is in good spirits, willing to continue dialysis and keep on keeping on. I will let you know how the evauation goes in a couple days. I really hope that his finish line is here at the house. I can only do so much and both he and I do not want him in one of those rest homes.



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I was walking around a motorcycle museum in Italy a few years back. It was a trip out from an International rally I was in the upstairs part of the exhibitions, and there seemed to be only one other person up there at the time. Eventually this other person and I finished up looking at the same exhibit, a rare and special Moto Guzzi After a few moments I ventured "Do you fancy one of those...…………?…" This other guy considered for a couple of moments and replied "Nah!" A man of few words Marty. But as the saying goes "Empty vessels make the most noise" so by definition the least noise signifies anything but an empty vessel. Good on you Marty, our thoughts and prayers are with you


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It depends on the subject matter.
I met Marty in 2004 at the Vincent and Vines Rally.
We talked for over an hour on the morning of departure. We could have done another hour except it was departure time for me.
Neither one of us could shut up and I'm not exactly Mr. Showtunes.



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Jr. sent this today:

Ladys and gentleman,

I have the plans of my fathers memorial service in the works. Lee Kennedy will be running point with all the arrangements as to having him scattered at Bonneville this year. He is the technical director for SCTA and BNI. He arranged his own fathers memorial and several others there at Bonneville.

He will have one of his in house writers come up with a memorial writing for the BNI website and arrange all the details. Dad wanted to have part of him scattered from the pull of a parachute, so that will happen. Told not from a Harley or Japanese bike, PLEASE.

The rest of the service is to be determined, many options. I will probably send one more mailing out as far as the exact particulars as BIKE WEEK approaches. He will given back to the salt flats and his many admirers where he belongs.

Marty Dickerson passed February 19, 2020 @ roughly 5 pm



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RIP Marty.
A mid 1970's article on his return to the Salt Flats was instrumental in kindling my interest and enthusiasm for Vincents.

Godspeed, OM.

Russ from California


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There are some fascinatingly engineered Vincent racers, Matson, Chapman, Brown, Higgins, etc, but Marty's Blue Bike has a simple elegance that equals its fantastic performance (given the restrictions of the class it competed in). You really have to see the bike in person to see the numerous custom details he incorporated. He trimmed the bottom section of the petrol tank, the shafts on the Girdraulics have custom machined rounded heads on one side, all large diameter bolts have a taper cut into the end, the castings on the RFM are ground down to smoothly blend into the tubes, the way the handlebar mounts are rotated down, and the curves of the resulting handlebar to snake its way through the inside of the parallelogram of the forks, the rear sets way back at the rear wheel and how the brake lever pivots right off the actuator in the brake plate. Plus the fully polished cases, chrome and paint work show quality, despite the ravages of salt. Beautiful.
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