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Marty Dickerson


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I met Marty at Bonneville BUB meet in 2006 or thereabouts. He was sitting under a tarp with 15 or 20 people in a circle around him, listening to his stories. Everyone was spellbound, I know I was. Hours of stories. What a treat!


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2007 Australia. Marty laughing at something Miss Gail said. Murray Barr's back of head. Dave Hills before his rush to hospital and Glen Challis giving the devil stare.
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Irene phoned Marty yesterday and with the 8 hour difference caught him waiting for dialysis, so, we only talked for a couple of minutes.
He sounded sharp but, not too keen his (his words) "kidneys are shot". This morning Marty jr. posted this:
Hello all,

Thank you to the folks that shared your tidbits about dad and the photos. I will not turn down anybody if they want to share in the future.

Dad is settled in. Not so sure how excited he is about the situation. We/He made the decision to do the TAVR knowing that it would take a hit on kidney function. Personally I feel the doctor should have looked a bit closer at the condition of his kidneys, weighed the possible negitive effect and turned down the opportunity to do another procedure. Water under the bridge at this point.

We are pushing on with what we are faced with. Three days of dialysis. Mon, Wed and Friday, 12:30 - 3:30. I am trying to get a sense of what dad feels about it. He is just going with the flow. I have tried to reach inside of him, very little commumication back. The rehab period last 60 days. He is actually doing better. He gets PT 3-4 times a week. He is able to walk to the camode now, huge improvement. Possible come back on kidney function after and during dialysis. ????????

I am asking another favor, as you folks are his close friends. Please attempt to call him, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. Thinking mid morning through mid afternoon. He may or may not pick up, but I will check his missed calls if he does not pick up. Leave a voice message, so I know who has called. I will ring you back on his phone when I am there. He needs some outside stimulation, to hear from you guys. Maybe you can help me get a feel about what he thinks. PLEASE TRY.

I am enclosing his mailing address as well as his phone number again. Can you folks give him a bit of moral support by calling and writing. He could use the stimulation and hope.

Martin Dickerson
C/O Windsor Terrace 805-297-3986 Thanks in advance
250 Fairveiw Road

Thousand Oaks, Calif. 91361