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Mag or electronic?


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Non-VOC Member
Hi to all,
The Magneto on my 51 Comet is looking a little "hows ya father" and I am thinking about going electronic.
Looking through the Forums has given me the choice of BT-H or Pazon so far, what is the general consensus taking into account price, reliability and performance?

Thanks in advance (no pun intended)


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I have run both and I have nothing bad to say about either. Because I am racing I prefer the BT-H. It is one less battery I have to worry about. I would split the difference and put on either new ignition, then have the original rebuilt and put it on the shelf as a spare. It will never get any easier to find someone to repair a 60 year old mag.


Simon Dinsdale

VOC Machine Registrar
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Tried a BTH electronic mag on my twin. At first all was fine, but then starting got difficult to the point where the bike wouldn't start at all. This was all within 18 months. Replaced the coils and ht leads and this made no difference. Checked the static timing which was correct and still no joy. Been relayed home is not much fun. Then refitted the old twin points coil ignition to the same ignition timing and the bike fired up first kick and ran great. Heard of several other people having trouble with BTH electronic mags. Great idea, but I am sticking with the points coil ignition which is easy to fix on the road side and also stops the commutator on your dynamo glazing over as the dynamo is always balancing the ignition. Keep it simple. In fact in 30,000 miles the points ignition has never failed. Just needs regular maintenance.


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I like to keep my charging system and ignition system separate. In Australia you can be a long way from anywhere if/when a generator, battery or regulator fails. Same goes for the ignition system of course but with a Pazon or coil, if you lose charge you lose ignition as well. I had a coil in my new BT-H fail but a new coil has brought me back to being a believer; better idling, better fuel consumption and 1-2 kick starting. There is no roadside assistance for us here so we need to be able to rely on our equipment or the VOC network. Tim Thearle in Orange is doing some good work on magneto rebuilds.If anyone is interested then send me a PM.
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