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FF: Forks Little things - Girdraulic Pad Bolts


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Although generally a philistine I do like rivet counting sometimes o_O . I am presently putting a set of standard Girdraulics together and noticed something in MO63. There are two pad bolts FF43 and FF43/1 and the long one FF43/1 is longer to hold the speedo bracket that is fitted to I guess the Rapide and the Comet (offside) it appears on MO63 that the long one (/1) is fitted pointing forward (nut at the front) to secure the bracket and the short nearside is neatly pointing rearward (nut at the back) now as an aside I cant remember ever seeing anything but nuts to the front as that matches the FF42 on the lower link. but the real puzzle is this the parts list shows 1 of each over the whole range even though the shadow doesn't have that speedo bracket and I would have thought logically it would quote 2 FF43,. but then logic is sometimes missing in mans design.

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