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ET: Engine (Twin) Kick Start Indexing Problem

G.L. Winter

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VOC Member
My series B Rapide tends to jam from time to time at the initiation of the kick start down stroke. I fit a new kick start quadrant and ratchet pinion (G82 and G46AS) supplied by The Vincent Spares Company, but the problem persists. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you in advance for your kind help.


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From OVR 33:
Often one reads about the need to “file” the lead tooth on a Kick Starter quadrant to avoid the dreaded “locking” of the kick starter. Attempting to force the kick starter once locked may result in damage to the kick start shaft, the kick start quadrant, the driven pinion, the rider’s foot or the rider’s leg – and any one or any combination of damaged items is possible.

Once the kick starter becomes locked the accepted release technique is to engage a gear then rock the bike back n forth till the kick starter becomes free, then gearbox back into neutral and try the kick starter again.

The attached picture is a close up of the lead in tooth on one quadrant superimposed over another quadrant clearly showing how it needs to be shaped. Note that its top surface slopes slightly towards the valley of the first “full” tooth.

In order to provide the best opportunity for smooth engagement between the kick start quadrant and the kick start driven pinion it is advisable to polish the lead in tooth, especially its upper surface.

There is also real benefit to be gained if the tip of each tooth on the engaged pinion is also polished.

G.L. Winter

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Thank you, sir, for your prompt and informative reply. It seems that my problem is not altogether unheard of. The picture, as always, is worth a thousand words. Quite a bit of metal removed from that lead tooth! I'll put the quadrant on the milling machine and have a go. One wonders why they aren't supplied with that profile in the first place?