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ET: Engine (Twin) Kick Start Indexing Problem

Bob P

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VOC Member
No matter what you do to the first gear tooth on the quadrant, it will jam with a shape that is not pointy. As I showed in my posting above, I had reduced tooth height in several steps but no joy. I could still find situations when gears jammed top to top. The ONLY way to minimise a likely hood of jamming is to sharpen the first gear, filed or not, on the quadrant, to a pointy shape so in operation you will have to position its top EXACTLY to meet one pointy tooth top of the kickstart gear. Both components pointy you will be challenged to jam them as shown in my video clip above .
The MPH photo really only confirms the pointy shape idea, polishing any sloping areas may be nice but not essential. The real trick is to have the top point stoned smooth so it will rather slip in any direction than jam.
Please test your ideas on your bikes by carefully trying to find a position of jamming, the wider any face on gear tops is , the easier you will get a jam.
The kickstart gear has wide tooth tops which is design flaw really. This has to be corrected with next production, basically. But I will not tell them at Spares Co myself, seems they won´t listen to the people, matter of pride maybe.

Hello Vic
We are happy to listen to any problem or issue at the Spares Company, If we do not know of a problem we can't fix it.
Bob Patchett


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Hi Bob,
I was trying to address the shape of the kickstart gear teeth which to my liking does need a bit of correction: When you look at the photo below, the gear at the back is dremeled and diamond filed to more pointy tops whereas the front one is standard Spares Co . I believe a different type of gear cutting mill will improve the jamming effect. In this thread above you find my pictures and the video of BMW gears which clearly show a more pointy type of teeth for this reason. So for a future production an improved shape would be appreciated, the costs would be minimal, just a new cutter .
Another trouble maker comes to my mind , the ESA, and nobody at the Spares Co was even interested to look at my test set made from aluminium that I was offering to send for getting a finger feel for its caracteristics. Only comment was the Spares Co was not there to improve Vincents but simply provide original spares. So I am sorry for Vincenteers who will continue to break springs, break primary chains, smashing crank cases and expose all gears to high shock loads from non-working "shock absorbers" . I bet nobody ever had any troubles in the gear train when fitting belt drives - no ESA there. My point was, no ESA at all will be easier on your gears than this shock-inducing negation of an ESA.
Seems the club would require a peoples´ vote to get things done here.



BMW type ESA modification :



Bob P

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VOC Member
I have looked at our stock of kickstart gears and the land at the top of the teeth is about 0.5mm so is much better that the one's in your photo. I have noted your comment for when we reorder.
I will raise the ESA profile issue with the technical team as I am sure this issue has come up before.
We are happy to get some made, but would require drawings.