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herring bone oil pipe


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I'm about to start re assembling my bike but I can't find any of the above. It's an open series D. Any suggestions for suitable substitutions and where to get them.


Tnecniv Edipar

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At the risk of being pedantic , the correct term for this hose is braid impressed. This is due to the manufacturing process in which a steel braided sheath is pulled down on the outside during vulcanisation then removed leaving it's impression on the hose cover.

Tnecniv Edipar

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To the best of my knowledge , and I did spend 10 years in the industrial hose industry , there is only one manufacturer of braid impressed hose in the world and they are in the UK. As far as I know it was never catalogued as it was an OEM product for the automotive industry. The reason I searched it out years ago was because Triumph (Meriden) used it on 50's & 60's machines and I was restoring a Bonny at the time.
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Chevron Pattern Pipe

At the York Autojumble 1st Saturday of the month and at Newark autojumble
a stallholder has the said pipe in various sizes what the quality is I do not know .If I go on the 1st I will get his card and some prices.


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The guy who sells the hose at York (actually Rufforth) and Newark, is Steve from Autohose. I don't think he has a web site but his phones are :

01782 542486

Mobile 07931 728956

AUTOHOSE, 9,Bagnall Road, Milton, Stoke -on Trent, Staffs, ST2 7AY

He is a great guy and will usually send you the goods with an invoice and you pay him on receipt.


The VOC Spares Company Limited

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Braid impressed aka Herringbone hose

Tnecniv Edipar is quite correct that there seems to be only one manufacturer of this hose, I visited their factory yesterday to collect some of the hose we need for our Vins.
I have no doubt the machines there have been making the hose forever; they look like they should be in Beamish or Iron Bridge museums!!
The process is very laborious and this has been the problem with getting deliveries.
I hope now we have started getting supplies we will continue to receive them.
Ian S

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