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Misc: Everything Else Gearing


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To me it seems the gearing on my C twin is too high for road use, requiring quite a lot of clutch slipping in 1st gear until I feel I’ve gained enough speed to fully release the clutch, I don’t find this very comfortable and I’m concerned about the wear on the clutch. Both rear sprockets have 46T and I’m wondering if it would help me if I put on a larger sprocket. Can anyone recommend a size sprocket that will improve things and if so where I can acquire one please, or should I leave it as it is?

Robert Watson

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I think it will somewhat depend what kind of riding you do.

If I leave here and say go to California, or Alberta I don't worry too much about being slightly sluggish starting off, and would much rather have cruising at a somewhat lower engine RPM. On the other hand If I had to drive in and out of Vancouver every day in traffic with a passenger that's another whole kettle of fish..... Pick what you need to do the job at hand.

Put a few thousand miles on it this summer and THEN see what you think of the gearing..... remembering that these are slow revving big torquey V twin engines.

And What is a Kettle of fish anyway? I'm originally from York (OK I left when I was about to turn 5) so should know one of the answers to that question.


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I had the same Problem with to high first gear.But after making the Timing new with the help of Vincent Speet it is now perfect.If the Timing is a Little bit wrong it can lower the low rev power of the engine.Erik


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Put an electric start on the D I have one on the Road Comet with a Honda Clutch I cant quite believe that the maker managed to sidestep all that old guff about ESA and angles of dangles of the cam form by just making something a half inch across and the resources of the plastic industry chemists. But it seems to work well enough I am saving up for a lithium battery like Ian S and then I will be set
I will soon take the Sorn off the Van and the Bike will be with you. I havent ridden it and its still in storage your love of a D never infected me, I built one twin and rode it 4 miles before I sold it.
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Marcus Bowden

VOC Hon. Overseas Representative
VOC Member
I must say Tim my handsome, son Roberts "D" Rap does ride differently but following Camita on it in NZ for 3 k miles it never seem to alter or have faults. That "D" Comet is going to save me a lot of time looking for "D" parts to build one and Furnace & Searl knew Vincent's better than me and I do have a Lucas distributor or three.
Beautifull weather here at the moment.


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VOC Member
Its freezing and overcast in the East I haven't put my Garage warm gear on and I am getting near to a putting an engine in the frame task (thats something I dont do normally for us its normally hang the frame on the engine :) ) My Comet has been sitting here since October after a maintenance session, perhaps next week Boris will allow me to ride again. To further annoy the 'Bike' mag advertised (again) the wonderful road I live on and all weekend illegal noisy crutch rockets have been howling by (just going to Tesco officer) while law abiding me sat and fumed at my bench.

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