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Parts Bar end indicators.

Marcus Bowden

VOC Hon. Overseas Representative
VOC Member
Peter my handsome, do like Stuart Jenkinson does and put antenna on his helmet and small diameter mirrors so he has all round vision with a slight turn of his head, but for his last few years of motorcycling I think he only had his right antenna working. Smart practical man with two heads lamps as I did the same with a British and a continental lamp & lens in each as still doing more miles overseas than UK. Or still hoping to when I get strong enough to squeeze on the front brake.


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VOC Member
I am a great believer in road positioning as my first line of defense all those decades I rode without winkers when nothing I rode could support them. indeed 4 of my bikes do not have an electricity supply even today (winkers are hard with carbide lights) so on them like earlier days I am managing a brief right hand between gear changes
I would not loose my bar end mirrors for winkers my winkers are small but bright but I have added strip leds to the bottom of my number plate on the brake light circuit
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