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ET: Engine (Twin) Alternative electric starters

greg brillus

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Hi there all, Happy new year and all that..........Just wondered if anyone has any descent pictures and any other useful info about running a pre engagement type starter like the RTV's had years ago. This uses a external tooth ring gear mounted on the back side of the chain wheel, and the starter pinion would mesh from the lower behind. I know it would require some machining to the crank case, I am not worried about that as the cases I will be using are new ones not originals. The RTV cases had a depression cast into the lower rear of the gearbox housing to accommodate the starter, i will not have that luxury, but there are many styles and types of 12 volt starter available now verses years ago. I only ask as the engine will be larger in capacity and I would be concerned about the longevity of a Grosset one in this case........this is also my engine so I can do to it as I please. It is the centerpiece for my next twin project bike based entirely on the twin racer I built a few years back, with all the suspension upgrades plus much more.........I am leaning towards not running any kickstart at all, so the electric starter needs to function like a modern bike, and my right knee is not so great after our accident back in 2015. Interested to see what we come up with on this one...........Cheers......... Greg.

Les Thomson

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
After posting video of bike running for first time in 15 years a few days later went to start the bike & no start
Checked spark,back cylinder good blue spark, front cylinder intermittent spark. Changed plugs & compression
good. A big dose of start you bastard & still no go. Was running magneto. Fitting tri spark ignition & waiting for gear from VOC spares. Posted gear on the 8/4/2020 & still waiting. Covid 19 slow down. See what happens when the gear arrives. Les

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