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Worldwide Sections

Graham Smith

VOC Hon. Editor
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The great thing about the VOC buying a high-specification web service, is that we can now offer all worldwide sections a slice of the action - and it won't cost a penny, cent or whatever (depending on where you live!).

The eagled-eyed amongst you, may have noticed a new section in the navigation bar at the top.

'Sections' will eventually take you to a separate page, which will list every worldwide section (territorial and non-territorial) of the VOC. If you click there at the moment, you'll note that it just takes you to a South London Section holding page. This should prove a great way of promoting VOC Sections with virtually no cost. If a potential new Member makes contact, you can just point them towards your Section's web page(s) so they can learn more about where you meet etc.

To get your section's page up and running, you just need to find someone who's able to write a basic web page (or indeed if they're any good, they can make it as complicated as they like). If you think you're up to the challenge, I will give you the IP address, a special username and password, so you can access your section's part of the website and upload the pages via FTP.

I have already created temporary holding pages for all VOC Sections


South London:




As I'm sure you can appreciate, although I'm probably going to do a page for the South London Section, I'm unable to write or support pages for all the other Sections of the VOC.
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Graham Smith

VOC Hon. Editor
VOC Member
VOC Forum Administrator
VOC Forum Moderator
Yes, I realised that Aldershot (and a few others) already have their own web sites.

The point is, these Sections obviously have to pay for their own domain name and web space.

What we're offering here, is the ability for any Section to have a web presence in order to promote themselves, with zero cost, as they'll be sitting on our server and using the main VOC forum domain name.
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