Works Photos 2 - early Shadow


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30-05-2013, 1931

david bowen
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"If you look at the picture where my father is building the first production B Shadow the guy at the back is George Buck when left Vincents he went to Jaguar Cars as a project engineer and was the first person to build the Jaguar V12 engine."


Interesting photo, presumed taken in 1948?
If so, then George Buck would not be in the photo as he joined Vincents in 1951, straight into Drawing Office, never on bike production.​
See his series "Memories of Life at the Works".
In MPH 607 p.14 he states he joined Vincents after Phil Irving left in 1949.

Also George Buck joined Jaguar in 1958 as a Development Engineer and was in charge of the Department which built and developed all of the many versions of the V12 engine.​
Just google "Jaguar George Buck"​


david bowen

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You must be correct the guy, at the back Anon, was a parts chaser he would go between the machine shop at no 2 factory and prodution at no 1 factory trying to keep parts flowing .

david bowen

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Ted Davis became Development Engineer at Borg Warners at about the same time George Buck became Development Engineer at Jaguars they did work very closely as at that time Borg Warner were working on the automatic transmissiom for them, a few of the guys from Vincent were employed at Borg Warners ,Paul Richardson John Parkings and my self