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Which Kubota Alternator?


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VOC Member
Can anyone suggest which Kubota alternator is recommended for the Twin and what is involved in modifying it to fit the bike?
Thanks in advance.
Peter Sprot.


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Why do you want to fit a 'Kubota' alternator? Kubota do not make the alternators which they fit to their engines but use Nippon Denso units. Two models are typically used on Vincents. One is a small unit, about the size of the palm of your hand, and is a permanent magnet type, The other is about 3.5" diameter and about 5" long. That is a more sophisticated unit containing exciter coils etc. The latter will give 40 amps! The former more like 12-15 amps. Dick Sherwin and I developed a kit to fit alternators intended for use on small Citroen cars, eg 2CVs, Dyanes, Amis etc to all post war models of Vincents and there are now about 40 of these kits in use. The alternators produce 30 amps. These kits are made on a non commercial basis and you might have seen them in use at various Vincent rallys. I cannot use this forum for what might seem to be commercial purposes but if you email me on enw07@btinternet.com then I can send you photographs of the kit fitted to various bikes, twins and/or singles, and send you a copy of the fitting instructions to show you what is involved in fitting the bits. No part of the bike has to be modified to fit our kit so it does not affect the long term value of the bike. Ask about if you wish about the long term reliability of our units. So far no one has had a problem and some people are so pleased that they have bought more than one to fit to their other Vincents. :)

Robert Watson

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John McDougal in Vancouver uses the smaller ND one from a Kubota and makes the rest of the parts required. This consists of a fairly robust gear train in an alloy housing and a slipper clutch on the drive sprocket to reduce the impact of the permanent magnet "ratcheting" of the alternator. I know they are quite pricey, however they slip right in where the Miller used to be with a slight offset to the actaul spinning alternator. PM alternators have coils fixed on a central shaft and spin the outer case with the PM's fixed inside. There are a fair number of these in use, here, the US of A and the UK. John is on phone # Canada 604 327 1019 and had e mail but I don't think he checks it too often.



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Kubota Fitment.

G'day Peter,
The alternator you are asking about is off Kubota's small garden tractors. There are no numbers on it so I can't quote you that. If you go looking for one they don't look like the usual alternator, rather more like a tensioner pulley. The outer permanent magnets spin and the coils are stationary. Its a double eared mounting. As has been pointed out you can buy a unit off John Mcdougall that slides straight in. I machined up a short dummy generator with a pulley on it to drive the unit and I pivot the alternator on the footpeg mounting bolt. It is working very very well and am well pleased with it.



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I have a 7100 Kubota with this alternator on it.... I just bought a bigger Tractor and the Kubota is for sale. Why not buy my sweet running Kubota, put a pulley where the alternator is (the radiator fan is mounted on it), get a "normal" type alternator from a junkyard or, even use your Vincent's old generator & mount it on a bracket and we both will be happy? :D
Cheers, John

Les Thomson

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kubota alternator

Google Kubota 1553164010.Kubota alternator part #1553164010,regulator part #1926764602.Go to thevincent.com/vinelectrics.html About 1/3 down the page& read McDouglator tech.

Ian Savage

VOC Vice President
VOC Member

I’ve just come back from the Dutch Rally and that completes the first 1000 miles on the McDougall – Kubota unit I recently fitted.
After correcting a number of ‘minor’ faults on the bike electrics, loose fuse holder, dud battery etc the McDougallator has performed perfectly.
The cut in point and output is spot on and has enabled me to use daylight running lights and the electric start with total confidence.
I don’t think I used the kick starter the whole weekend, surprised a few pocket rockets at the ferry terminal :D
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