Weights for Vincents


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As im about to register my imported Rapide, the inspectors requested me to come up with a max permisible wheight -that bee bike, rider, passenger... AND wheight distribution front rear wheel... I have not looked to closely in all the litereature, and doubt these data exist. In case they do exist can someone give me a pointer?
I of course have the total weight for the bike.

Regards Dag


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Hi Dag - some advice from a fellow Norwegian Vincent owner.

We have had these problems with the Norwegian State MOT stations before. However, it is a fact that they cannot demand this information from you for historic vehicles more than 30 years old. Your local MOT inspectors probably don't know this - they are used to modern vehicles where such information is available and mandatory. Tell them that they may contact the Sentral Unit in Oslo, at Risløkka MOT station, (Risløkka Trafikkstasjon). Bjørn Geilo at Risløkka is in charge of all enquiries regarding historic vehicles and their registration. Normally they will weigh the vehicle (curb weight) and add 2 x 75 kilos for two persons + 50-75 kilos for luggage which will give the gross weight (total loaded weight) for the vehicle.
Provided the bike is in more or less original condition, registration should be unproblematic. If it is "customised/modernised" you may have problems since the identity and production year of the bike may be in doubt.

Regards, Carl :)