We came across this Vincent Tank....


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We are currently going through a late friends collection and came across this tank. We know it's a Vincent (Not sure what model), but we're wondering if anybody recognizes it? Looks like it might have some old racing history.

It's been in storage in southern california for the last 40+ years.

Any help is appreciated.



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Could be the real thing but every picture of Clem Johnsons barn job has a stove pipe on top
Could be an early attemps
or a tribute band
USA member will authenticate I have no doubt
No rear tabs or platform
cut outs for TT carbs


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The post-war Vincent tanks are all the same with some minor exceptions, so it will fit all models. The tank has been modified on the right side for a larger or modified carb.

There is a famous drag bike that was called "Barn Job" and there are photos on this site. You can search google as well as this site. I have never seen a Vincent gas tank on Barn Job, so I can't say much about it. Clem Johnson owns the bike.



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Thanks Guys. I'm familiar with Johnson's "Barn Job" and like you stated, I've never seen it with a Vincent tank, but maybe it ran it early on. Not sure.