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Wanted Vincent/HRD V Twin (Australia)


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Greetings from Down Under,I am wanting to buy a Vincent/HRD V Twin.Preferably a Girdraulic forked model.As a lifelong motorcyclist, I have held a passion for these bikes since I saw my first one when I was very young.After scrimping, saving and investing for thirty years, I am finally in a position where I can now afford one. I have thus far made do with photographs, posters, books, models or anything with a Vincent or HRD on it.Now I can finally afford a real one I am having difficulty procuring one. I am located near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.Kind regards,IrvingFan


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Australia Twin


I'd recommend four things:

1 - Join the VOC and seek out your local Oz section - details on the website.

2 - Franc Trento in Sydney, I think it is BritBikes - he has Vincents from time to time.

3 - Exporting - why not buy one from the UK and export it, I usd Brian Moxham from CH Robinson when I bought my Rapide from Australia this year and re-patriated it to the UK. If you look hard enough you may find one which was originally sold in Australia and has been brought back - that should make re-import into Australia cheaper through tax etc.

4 - Agent in the UK - if you are looking for someone in the UK to have a look at bikes in the Auction for you, send you some detailed pictures and then perhaps bid on your behalf and arrange shipping to you in Australia I would be very happy to do that. I know Bonhams well, they had 7 Vincents for sale at the sale two weeks ago - have a look at the web site and see if they take your fancy. The A$ exchange rate is pretty strong for you right now.


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There are a lot of Vincents hiding in Australia. I bought mine from John Goodwin in 2003 and had it shipped here to Canada. He had seller's remorse over selling me his last of twenty or so Vincents, so he put a want ad in some of the local OZ papers. Several people responded and he bought 2 or three including one barn find.


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Take the good advice and join the VOC. There are a few owners in your area who will give you some help, and they are organizing a Qld Section. Any of the three existing sections may be of help, ie NSW, Vic & SA. You shouild be able to track them down via the web or Just Bikes. Frank Trento, Eurobrit Motorcycles, is in Melbourne.


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Thank You

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to reply.
I have sent my membership application off to VOC.
If any body hears of a V Twin for sale, particularly in Australia, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards,


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you have photos of vincents ? why dont you share them , or any other stuff maybe sombody will contact you via your pictures :cool:
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