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WANTED: Comet Folding footrest hangers by Mac Read.


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Hi Folks,

I trust that you have all survived Christmas and may I be the first to wish you all a happy new year.

Does anyone have a pair of Mac Read folding Comet footrests for sale, please?

I know of one person who has sold a pair and another who has bought a different pair so there must be some level of trading going on.

I do understand that there are some plated steel ones being made in the US and will have to try importing a pair if I am unable to buy a pair of Mac's excellent stainless ones.

Both of my current rides have bits on them made by Mac and I'd like to get another bike into use with some of Mac's bits on it.



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Made my own about 25 years ago. I used a couple of surplus rear footrest brackets, FT93, and chopped off the bit that bolts it to the plate. Chop off the bottom of the Comet hanger, weld both together and chrome or powdercoat. Second hand FT93s are often found which makes it a cheap job.


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VOCSpares list

F52-Folding (Pair) Folding Footrest Hanger - Comet

New item - hangers only
New batch due in the new year
Price: £175.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

We are a third of the way through the new year. Should I place an order now?


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Many thanks Ian.

It now says "New batch due in a few days" so please put a pair aside for me.
I'll work out what else I need and place an order when I get back from the Severn Rally.
Then I can stop wearing the shin pads!



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Now, I'm not entirely sure that I understand the letter of the law concerning consumer rights but I believe that the rules about unsolicited goods state that if a business, or an individual, sends me something I haven’t ordered I don't have to pay for it. I can give them a reasonable period to collect it after which time it becomes my property.

I received in the post a pair of the most beautiful - non-standard - footrest hangers.

If Ian Savage or Miss Amanda Waterscooter would like to call at my house in the next three weeks they can take them back. (We'll all be away for the next month.) After such a time I will consider them mine, all mine.

Thanks Ian, my wish is your command.
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