Want to trace my dads vin's!


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Hello all! I was just wondering if my dads Vincents are still around? Its only idle curiosity as im certainly not in a position to try and buy them,but they hold many very special memories for me! My dad was an active member of the Suffolk section in the sixties, rising to race secretary? He used to race at Cadwell in solo and with a chair.Names I remember him talking about were Len Matthews,Bob aley,Bob Richardson,Bill Heffer Don Morris,Jack Warner,Lionel Meakins and John Gage.My mums name is June so that might help! Anyway the bikes were as follows-
LXA536 Series c Shadow with Bramptons, B rear end and B Timing cover
ELD193 Series A Comet (always in bits,never heard it run!) Had a TT Rep tank with it!
He bought a Series C Comet MWE??? before he moved to Cyprus where he sadly died on 26-03-06.
I would just love to know his beloved Vins are still around!
Many thanks in advance...
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Len Matthews

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Hi Andy, first may I say how sad I was to learn of the loss of your dad Jeff. He was one the founder members of the Suffolk Section along with all the people you mention. I well rember him setting up his homemade stove enamelling oven by using an old fridge and heating elements from an cooker.
As to the whereabouts of his bikes, I can't help but the VOC Machine Registrar might have details on file.
Somewhere in my collection I have a press photo taken outside the pub in Sudbury where the first meetings where held. Most of the people you mention are shown including Jeff on his "A". If I can find it, you might like a copy. Best regards, Len.


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dads vins

hi you might want to try lynn issacs at the sandspeedwales.com web site he was a former side car pilot in the sixties and he knew all the major players , now if those old blood and guts guys are on the inter net lol :)


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Lxa 536

Sorry to be so late in responding to this thread, but it's good news! I have your dad's Shadow LXA 536. It lives in rude good health down here in East Sussex. If you'd like to get in touch with me I can fill you in on all the details. This was the bike owned by Jeff Davies (not sure if this is how 'Geoff' or 'Davies' is spelt) of Clare, Suffolk prior to his departure for Cyprus. Sorry to hear of his passing. If either you, son Andy, or anyone that knows Andy sees this post please tell him I'd be delighted to hear from him...apart from socially, it would be good to fill in some of the machine's history. My email is copperdudley@btopenworld.com