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PT: Exhaust Vincent Head Exhaust Threads


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Non-VOC Member
I am soon to move my bike into the shed ready to try and fix it and one of the things that need doing is the threads on both heads and any advice as to where to to get them repaired as it will the first time i will have stripped a Vincent engine down by my self without any sort of support.

Robert Watson

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VOC Member
I was going to insert a silly comment here but some might not have taken it in the manner in which it was intended, so will pass on this occasion...... What, am I getting soft in my old age?

Just getting prepped for 4 days on the bike with a few of the locals. First out of town trip in a few years.....

Chris Launders

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
You are right the threads are not crossed In the past on plumbing work I have used either a stanley knife blade or a small wire brush here a copper brush would suffice. I will try as you suggested earlier tighten the exhaust nut before fitting the fixing at the other end of the pipe to the engine plate and see how that goes.

looks to be about an inch and a half of tap threads ?
Somewhere about that, but it can go in deeper if needed as the plain section is smaller than the threads.

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