Vincent Black Chopper!


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I'm not a chopper fan myself BUT I love that frame.Put some standard forks on it and a decent dual seat and I'd ride it..John

Mark Fisher

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I have just had a tank and seat made for my egli/tpv special by redneck engineering and the work is very good. The manager at redneck,mike, is the owner/creator of the machine in question and the engine was built by steve hamel who is very well respected over here in the usa. When I was at their facility last week (they are in south carolina where I live, but still 3 hours drive to get there!) the bike in question wasn't there, it was at mikes house, so I didn't get to see it unfortunately. However the standard of work was very good on all their other stuff, mainly harley derived of course except for an interesting radial engined device. Mike is a voc member and he didn't break a bike to get the engine for his chopper, the bike runs well but he said it is not comfortable for long rides...I told him to get an egli frame for it!!!
In the "small world department" I note that phil is from ashton -u-lyne which is where I used to live, until work brought me to the US a few years ago, I bet he keeps his bike well secured! I had two cars and one bike stolen over a 4 yer period when I lived there. Email me if you like phil.