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Vale Billy Winter


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Very sadly I report the death of Billy Winter. The circumstances of his death are subject to a police investigation but 2 people have been arrested & charged. Our condolences to his wife Kim & (by a previous marriage) his daughter. A suitable tribute will, no doubt, be posted by someone who knew him better than me.:(:(


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If anyone has any stories about Billy ( & there must be dozens) why don't we have a virtual valedictory or wake for him??;)


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I'm stunned to hear this sad news. I first met Billy at the 1999 International and he was just fun to be around - always good for entertainment. My condolence to his family and friends - of which I'm sure he had many around the world.


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Billy Winter

:( Shocked & saddened to hear about the loss of Billy. He was such a charmer and larger than life character. It was Billy who intercepted an appeal from Tony Windeatt when he was on his way to the Snowy Mountains & Thredbo in March 2007. After Max Hastiloe had picked him up from the airport he stayed with Cameron & Barbara and then Ken Jackson. Ken pointed Tony in the right direction "Two hours down this road and Billy Winter will be waiting by the road to meet you" and he was! He took me back to his ranch which had an amazing guest barn! Billy had to kick Tony out at 10am when the time change and complete darkness got the better of him. Billy also helped out, contacting Graham Glover when Tony's hired Kawasaki broke down. Tony feels indebted to him for his friendship and great company which we did have a chance to renew on the Isle of Man in September.
Condolences to the rest of the section - Cameron & Barbara will be with us next week and our love to Kimmie & family.
Tony Windeatt & Gilli xxx :(
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