UK DVLA Registrations

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If you're looking to buy or own a Vincent motorcycle, then to use the machine in the United Kingdom, it needs to be registered with the DVLA.

cc-crest.pngDriver_and_Vehicle_Licensing_Agency_(UK).svg.pngIf your Vincent has no current V5C registration documents then do you know what the original United Kingdom registration was? If so, you can search the DVLA website to see if they recognise that registration.

To check to see if a vehicle is recognised, taxed and MOT'd in the United Kingdom, simply visit

If the DVLA have no record then you will need documentary proof that the frame number is connected to the registration. Acceptable evidence is the old council issued RF60 logbook which may be either green or buff in colour and usually folds up. The original registration records can also be used if the issuing council has kept and archived them, but not council records recorded the frame number and some even destroyed their records. The Vincent factory records do not record registrations so they cannot be used but the VOC may have details or other evidence so contact us. Old tax discs are not useable as evidence as they don’t show the frame number on the disc.

v765.jpgV765 Application
If the documentary proof exists then the next step is to do a DVLA V765 application but first the bike has to be assembled as the DVLA will reject any applications that show a pile of bits or half-finished machines.

To reclaim an Original Registration through the DVLA's V765 Scheme in the United Kingdom click HERE.

Age Related Application
If no documentary proof of the link of a registration to a frame number is available or for a motorcycle where the United Kingdom registration is unknown or one was never issued such as a machine that was originally sold overseas then it will require a DVLA age related registration application. Again, the motorcycle has to be complete and for this application also ready for road use and capable of passing an MOT if required. All major parts must be over 25 years old to qualify for the DVLA application and this is usually taken to be the engine and frame and they have to be dated from their identity numbers stamped onto them and for a frame on a Vincent that is the UFM frame number. New replica crankcases or engines and frames that have no number on them cannot be dated and so will not qualify for a DVLA age related application and so most probably will be looking at a Q registration but that is a decision made by the DVLA.

To apply for an Age Related Registration in the United Kingdom click HERE.

To contact the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club Machine Registrar click HERE.
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