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Tyres for Outfits.

Len Matthews

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Are you running an outfit on 16" wheels? Are you having problems finding suitable tyres? I've found an answer. A German company called Heidenau list a 3.50 x 16 ref. K29. Seitenwagen. I ordered online from www.moto-tyres.co.uk Two of these cost me £62.50 inc. P&P and VAT. I can't vouch for their durability yet, I only fitted them yesterday. Len.:)


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VOC Member
Heidenau is a small manufacturer for special tyres and for tyres for older cars and bikes. They have a very good reputation here in Germany, although not really cheap.

Len Matthews

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member

Thanks, Michael. I was really pleased to find a suitable tyre for my outfit thanks to Mr. Heidenau. The only other option I had was Dunlop Sidecar Racing Tyres (if they are still available) but they cost much more the German product. Regards, Len.


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Non-VOC Member
:)After using Avon - Grand Prix & Road Runners, & Dunlop TT 100 I have been using a Heidenau 3.50 x 19 rear tyre for some 2600 miles.

So far so good, it is a good quality tyre, red spot for balance and directional with load rating and speed rating in excess of a twins requirements.

It is a little 'Blocky' compared with more modern tyre patterns but suits my Vincent fine. It is far better than the 4.10 H19 TT100 for 'whitelining' and the profile is excellent. The bike goes from one bank to the other very smoothly. When I fitted it it went on quite well despite being a very firm carcase.

At about the same time I fitted a 80/90 -21 Pirelli MT66 to the front instead of an Avon 3.00 x21 Speedmaster. Again an improvement, no noticeable loss of steering stability that is so good on the Avon Speedmaster, so the above make a good combination for a solo Vincent.


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Non-VOC Member
heidenau used to be pneumant. very old company. i like their stuff but am pushing a 1/3 the power through mine.
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