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Twin Footrests

Chris Launders

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
I've always wanted my footrests slightly lower and further forward so I've made a set, the hangers are made from old Triumph (I think) kickstarts, cut, reshaped then making my own tapered bosses, the pedal is made from a tapered tube chair leg, pivoting on a boss in place of the RFM pivot nut, it uses the standard cable and pedal pad and keeps the same pivot-cable-pad ratio.
The RH side one just needed the standard gear lever adjusting with the rubber in the end hole.
Much more comfortable and when I put my short legs down they are now clear of the footrests.


Bill Thomas

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member

It looks like it will work fine.

A lighter cable can help with drag also.

View attachment 28205

Thanks David, The idea was not to have to make a bigger pillion plate, Like the l/ning/Flash,
I made a big one for my other Comet, Didn't like it !!.
Yours is clever, But I am better with a welder than making cables.
I think the "A" had something like mine ?.
I think the L/ning is in 9/16, I can only make stuff up to 1/2".
But it's not tested on the road yet.
Cheers Bill.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member

You have done a nice job with that bike! I think the brake is a little more direct than the Series A, which uses the brake lever extension to nest behind the cross over lever. It butts up against it and pushes it. Yours pulls the brake rod directly.


Of course, we both need Tim's shark tooth.


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