The Mighty Garage Series of Vincent Videos

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Mike Tyler is an English Member of the VOC living in Oregon, USA. The following series of videos start right at the beginning with Mike collecting his 1951 Rapide through the many stages until he finally got to ride his beautiful bike.

Now Mike has got his bike on the road, the videos mainly concentrate on maintenance and his journeys through the beautiful countryside of Oregon.

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Video Number
001Collecting The Bike
002Summary Of Bike
003Cleaning I
004Cleaning II
005Smaller Mechanical Jobs
006Bore Inspection
007Rear Mudguard
009Timing Chest
011Prop Stands
012Happy Thanksgiving
013Dave Hills Tread Down Centre Stand
014Timing Chest #1
015Crankcase Stud
016Timing Chest #2
017Timing Chest #3
018Removing The UFM
019Top End #1
020Carburettors #1
021Top End #2
022Carburettors #2
023Exhaust Pipes #1
024Petrol/Gas Tank #1
025Top End #3
026Top End #4
027Fitting The Pushrods
028Exide Battery Box
029Refitting The Upper Frame Member
030Removing Clutch & Primary Cover #1
031Removing Clutch And Primary Cover #2
032Primary Chain And ESA
033Rear Suspension
034Fitting The Magneto
035Main Oil Feed And Chain Oiler
036Ignition Timing
037158 Revolutions
038License Plate and Horn
039Clutch And Sprocket Seals
040Fitting The Engine Shock Absorber (ESA)
041Installing Primary Chain, Cover and Clutch
042Installing Timing Cover
043Exhaust Pipes #2 And Muffler
044Cable Routing
046Final Steps
047First Start
049Longer Ride
050Quick Dynamo Check
051Clutch Adjustment #1 of 4
052Clutch Adjustment #2 of 4
053100-Mile Shake-Down Test Ride
054Floppy Kickstart
055Front End #1 of 6: Removing Wheel and Axle
056Front End #2 of 6: Damper
057Front End #3 of 6: Wheel And Speedo Drive
058Front End #4 of 6: Removing Front Springs
059Front End #5 of 6: Inspecting Front Springs
060Front End #6 of 6: Reassembling Front End
061The De-bling Project
062Happy Holidays 2018!
063New Year’s Day Ride
064LED Upgrade
065Chilly Afternoon Ride
066Speedo #1 of 2
067Speedo #2 of 2: Road Test
068Clutch Adjustment #3 of 4
069Clutch Adjustment #4 of 4
070Oregon Fall Ride
071Oregon Coast Ride
072Saturday Afternoon Ride
073Separated Rear Sprocket
074New Rear Sprocket
075Preparing For Maintenance Jobs and Projects
076Spark Plug Wires
077Powder Coating
078Timed Breather
079150 Miles for Coffee
080Summer Ride
081Timed Breather - Throwback Thursday at See See Moto Café
082Oregon Coast
083Ride To The Oregon Coast
084November Vincent Ride
085Checking The Carburettors For 2021!
086Checking Fasteners
087Grease Is The Word
088Tappet Adjustment
089Taking A Breather
090Engine Oil Change: Part I
091Gearbox And Primary Case Oil
092Gas Tank Jobs
093Making Dual Throttle Cables
094Engine Oil Change and Restart: Part II
095Breakfast Ride
096Ride to Hagg Lake, Oregon
097Vincent & Triumph Coffee Meet
098Summer 2021 Ride with Norton Commando
099First Brief Ride of 2022
100Ride to Cars and Coffee
101First Longer Ride of the Year
102Sunday Morning Ride
103New Year's Day Ride
104We're Going To Need a New Moto Café
Other VideosContent
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003Other Videos: 1950 Series ‘C’ Comet: Vincent’s Vincent #3 of 4
004Other Videos: 1950 Series ‘C’ Comet: Vincent’s Vincent #4 of 4
005Other Videos: Starting the Rapide
006Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2022 #1 of 2
007Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2022 #2 of 2

To contact Mike Tyler click HERE.
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