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The Last Egli Fritz Built

peter holmes

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VOC Member
Nice bike, was it built by Fritz Egli at the same time Patrick Godet was producing his incarnation of the Egli Vincent, is not the bigger engine something that Patrick developed, it seems to be more Godet Egli than Fritz Egli. Beautiful bike without question.


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This was by my guess about 10 years ago. Luis was interested in Fritz's single racer that was for sale. I think they had lots of discussions and Luis asked if he could build him a twin, also. I think that Luis, Fritz and Patrick were all on good terms.

Here is a shot of the bike on Frit's dyno.



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I am sure there was a fair bit of input by Patrick in this. Luis also bought Fritz's Black Shadow at the same time. Later Patrick built a couple of racing singles for Luis.


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Happy to add information if anyone interested . I asked Fritz to build the bike which he did at Betwill after I bought his original EV500 racer from him .. He asked could he source parts from Patrick to which I agreed . The internals( engraved ) , frame number and the crankcase mating numbers are my initials .

The bike has Egli Vincent on the tank . Not Egli Vincent Godet because it was a Fritz build.

Photos of the Grey Flash . 'Sylvie' was Patrick's dear wife who he nursed whilst dying of cancer .

Probably why he chose his path . A man who I was privileged to know along with his dear and enduring friend Fritz .

Patrick then went on to build me 2 Egli Vincent and one Grey Flash racers ridden by Cam Donald for me .

Fritz and Patrick co-operated on the first racer for me as well .

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