The Bub Meet

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I'll try to give those who are interested an all inclusive update as to what happened at the Bub Meet on a daily basis.

First I want to thank all who attended the meet, particulary those who supported the Back Lightning Project for 2008, and those who paid all their own expenses, worked their tails off with no pay, and finally went home with only the satisfication that they participated in the ultimate world of speed for the Vincent marque.

After the howdy's, the how are you's, the good to see you again's, the shaking of hands with a few hugs thrown in, the 2008 Salt Crew were ready to do battle. The first task at hand was to get the Vincent streamliner through tech. Tech was scheduled to commence first light, day one, and finish prior to noon that same day, so a half a day of racing could commence. As it turned out, the FIM official, Charlie Hennekim, had an airport delay and was not able to show up on time as planned. That left only two inspectors to tech the over 50 FIM entrants. Tech wasn't completed for the Black Lightning entrant until after 6:00 the evening of the first day; in fact we were the last FIM motorcycle to receive the two stickers on the nose and be cleared to run the event. Bottom line--a half day running was lost.