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T: Fuel Tank Tank sealing

Russell Butcher

New Website User
VOC Member
The tank on my 1950 Rapide has had an Epoxy sealant applied in the past. This has now started to break up and I have removed the broken pieced and am now ready to re-seal the tank.
I would be grateful for any advice on the sealing procedure and if there are any products recomended to both remove any existing internal rust and then to seal the tank.

Thanks, Russell.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Rust can be removed using citric or phosphoric acid solutions, which won't damage paint, or commercial products (mostly based on one of those acids). Electrolysis is also effective.

I've used Red Kote sealer with success; not sure if it's sold in the UK. It doesn't harden fully like some other products, which seems an asset given that tanks flex to some degree in use.

The major challenge with sealing, apart from starting with a clean interior, is to get it to cover all surfaces inside the tank - this can take time and creative rotation of the tank.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Biggest problem for you is to get remains of epoxy out, some tumbler action with lots of spax screws inside may help. I use polyurethane single pack sealant since 40 years with 100 percent success in tanks, unleaded no problem. Is POR 15 a name in your country ? I get Vosschemie G 4 for my tanks, used in yacht business.



Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
As far as sealing goes I’ve applied caswell epoxy and it seems like a great product although I personally can not speak for longevity. From what I see most all have had good results with it.


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