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I see I was edited by the ed. for the dread incorrect link. I don't have a record of what I originally sent, so I suppose the lawsuit will require a more expensive lawyer.:D:D

Anyway, I checked the link that I had sent to jtan, which I assume is what I had here, and it works just fine.

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Graham Smith

Yes, the link you posted Bruce just didn't work, but I worked out what is was supposed to be, hence the edit on your post!

Gerry Jenkinson

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Just received this, I assume the subject is Stuart Jenkinson

Hi Gerry
I'm a journalist at ITV Tyne Tees Television and we would like to use a short clip from your utube film of the Vincent rally on the Isle of Man. We're producing a short news report about a man in Guisborough who owns a Vincent Black Prince and has clocked up 721,000 miles. But he is 83 and wasn't up to riding it when we were filming. It would be nice to see some Vincents in action.
I can give you an onscreen credit if you would like that.
Let me know as soon as possible since this item is due for transmission tomorrow night (Feb 11th)
Many thanks
Permission granted and looking forward to seeing it
Gerry Jenkinson (no relation)


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No good for us colonials ... I was hoping that since it wasn't BBC I could watch it but no......