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Just a follow up on my Vincent.

The Arizona Police have the guy in custody. There are over 60 known people at this stage who have been scammed by him. He has warrants in three states on him.

The AZ Police are using my Vincent as a very key piece in this conviction, largely due to the very unique nature of it and the ability to trace it directly back to him.

One thing that may assist. The bike was stripped of a number of parts that were sold, probably on e:bay. This includes the Alton set and most other electrical parts. The UFM ( serial number ground off ) small ancilliory parts such as spring boxes and shock absorbers. There will be more however I have not yet done a full inventory.

Also, sold were the used parts left over after the restoration. This included a set of B series heads and carbs. They were in poor condition with broken fins, broken exhaust port on one. They were sold in march 2005 on e:bay. There were a number of other parts. I can supply photographs if you need to assist.

Please note, we will not ask for them back.

If you bought Vincent parts ( used or new ) from a guy in Arizona since March 2005. Can you let me know. I need to know what you bought, from who and where it was advertised. If it is relevant, I will refer you on to Det Don Briese at AZ Police to make a statement.

You may also have been offered a "basket case" Black Shadow. He had photos of a bike in Australia that was shown laid out on the ground in poor condition, lots of rusty parts. He had obtained the serial number to this and was know to have offered it for sale to at least three people. If you were offered this let me know the details.

If you had any dealings with a person in Arizona selling to or buying from. Let me know. You may have details that assist in closing the case on him and his wife.

We are trying to close every loophole on this guy. This will help. It will tie names to addresses that have been used under other names and eventually can be traced back either directly or by circumstance to him and his wife.


Scott Humphries
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