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Steve Hamel Bonneville Update


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From Jtan:

Just minutes ago Steve Hamel called after the final dyno runs were run to tell me the results on his Bonny motor . Still 1,000 cc and on gas . Unblown . On the Dyno-Jet machine he recorded a best of 124.3 BHP at 7,930 rpm or there abouts , with a torque production of 91 ft lbs . This at the rearwheel .
That friends is a bunch !
Marty better hold on ! Sid . [/FONT] Cheers! S.M. Biberman


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Both Steve and Marty Dickerson raised their existing AMA records, both to 155 something. Steve has the higher two way average, but Marty has the higher one way speed, 157.234 MPH over the timed mile. Steve reported that the course was a little slippery from the rain that occurred a few days before the BUB event.

I have uploaded pictures of Steve, Marty, and Max in the photo section, under Rallies / Events: 2009, 2009: BUB Meet Bonneville. I didn't get a chance to get photos of John Renwick nor Terry Prince, so if someone that did would please upload some, that would be great.
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