Stanford Hall Sunday August 26th


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The VOC Coventry Section will have their usual stand at VMCC Founders Day at Stanford Hall near Rugby on Sunday. Any VOC member attending is welcome to come and have a chat and park their Vincent with ours while they have a look around the other stands, jumble, etc. We will have our gazebo erected for shelter. Last year the gazebo provided welcome shade from blazing sunshine. We are hoping for the same this year.:cool:



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I have just returned from Stamford Hall helping set up For Founders Day.

The layout is totally different now due to the Elf & Safety stopping the public going under the trees as in the past.

There is an Avenue of clubs on both sides of the road into Stamford
Hall. The Coventry voc is on the right hand side about 2/3rds of the way down towards the house.

Cars have to be parked in the field opposite the entrance and bikes will be park at the top of the drive on the left hand side.

The Jumble is now in one large flat area marked off for each stall.

This new set up promises to be a good move and hopefully the weather will be good to us.
regards Peter

Alan J

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It didn't rain and I think the new layout was a success-and the bonus was that exhibitors got in for "nowt"-if you knew!!:p:p