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With all the Vincent data available I am surprised to find very little about spoke specifications
even dear old Eddie only speaks of 10, 9 and even 8G spokes and materials but I have seen nothing on length, angle of bend, length of bend etc
bearing in mind the different way our wheels fit to the hub its strange that a table does not exist for all the common Vincent wheels
I was going to have a go at my 19" WM3 rear alloy rim ....

chankly bore

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Many spokes now supplied have too gradual a radius coming out of the spoke flange. I assume that VOC Spares have got it right, as have Central Wheel Components in the U.K. Don't trust any other supplier unless you can verify that the spokes can be assembled without touching the brake drum or stressing other spokes at point of contact (butt head) on the spoke flange. Russell Kemp does good spokes, too

Arthur Farrow

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I can confirm that VOC Spares do have it right. Spokes are serious business not to be taken lightly and anyway who is calling whom butt head :)


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St. George Wheel Works in NSW Australia make their spokes on site. Five wheels done so far and no problems. You choose material (stainless or mild steel), you choose style (plain, butted or double butted), you choose gauge ( 8, 9 or 10) and it is done. Good quality, correct angles and they will organise chrome and paint to show standard if required. Of course there is a time frame to consider because they do a lot of wheels for all the classic race bikes in Australia. Otherwise use your club spares company or Russell and add freight. The choices are there. Mr. Farrow is correct in saying the VOCS is on the money with this product and I know he and the team are working very hard to get all parts up to the standard the 2 Phils demanded originally. Tim, if your alloy rim does not have the original hole angle or detent shape then obviously the "standard" spokes won't fit. Same problem with my Borrani rim on my other "V" bike. The spokes just don't fit properly in the hub and look terrible but they are 35 years old and haven't broken yet....
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