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I'm not sure who did what or when to this BS series C. I pulled off a Rita ignition system for a simpler mag. I have started digging into the wiring trying to clean it up. The dynamo cover says Miller 6 volt; however I'm finding 14 volt bulbs in the head lamp. Before I start tearing into the dynamo, has anyone heard of anyone rebuilding the Miller 6 volt and converting it over to a 12 volt? Many thanks


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You can convert the 6v Miller dynamo to 12v and use a 12v regulator.
Have a look at dynamoregulators.com in the Q&A section. There is a data sheet under " is the DVR2 suitable for Miller..."

i've converted my Dynamo and use a DVR2 inside the Miller regulator cover. I don't do loads of night riding but do have the lights on all the time and have no problems. I also run a mag and not electronic ignition.



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The JG variety of 6 to 12 volt regulator has been around since the seventies. My Oz Rapide ran one on a Miller for twenty years with three previous owners and about 120,000 miles. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of power it produced, no problem running twin coil twin point ignition plus incandescant pilot light and a heated vest.
Unfortunately my ego blew up the ancient Miller when a Harley Rider attempted an 80mph pass on a hill. We prevented that catastrophe but lost the Miller, it did not like the sustained high rpm in 3rd at about 90 mph, the old wax paper binding let go and the insides did an instant bird's nest in copper wire.
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When we first fitted the RITA igniton to my father's Shadow to power it we used a JG regulator to take the Miller's output to 12 volts. Finding someone capable to rebuild a mag in the Metro-Detroit area in the late '70s was a crap shoot. Everyone who looked at it said it was fine, but everytime it got warm the sparks went away. When we finally figured it was the condensor/capacitor that had gone bad, none of the local "experts" knew how to replace it. They all told us it was scrap and to pitch it, fortunately we didn't. Well we all know better now with the myriad rebuild options available. That's why I have a RITA and Alton fitted with the original Lucas mag and Miller with JG on the shelf, both rebuilt, and a slightly used BTH on shelf just in case.:)
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