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Jersey Woody

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I had the pleasure of rebuilding the lower link on my Girdraulics.
The shims FF67 that the spares company sent do not fit inside the bush
to take up the gap to the eccentric as the diameter of the shim "disc" was much bigger than the diameter of the hole in the bush, why?
When I E mailed the spares co. they said they were made to spec. from the drawings.
I had to grind them down with a drill and stone and it took me ages.
Has anyone else come across this,am I doing something stupid or should we get smaller diameter shims made?
Does it matter what way up the lower link is reassembled?
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A lot more knowledgeable people than me will give advice.One thing to check:-are the eccentrics new,if the old ones had been machined to get rid of the wear marks and new bushes manufactured then the shims would not fit.
If all the parts are new did they all come from the same supplier.
The spares company could be wrong,although they supply dimensions to their suppliers if they have not checked the sizes before putting them into stock how would they know anything was wrong.I have had experience of this.John
I just measured some eccentric shims and mine vary between 1.116inch and 1.120inch,they are new but a couple of years old.
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