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HB: Handlebars Shadow Clock Reset


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VOC Member
Since I installed my modified steering stem, the reset knob on my Shadow speedo has been hard to reach and spin. I would have a go at making a longer shaft, but dealing with the wee screw at the end seems tough. Maybe some extension that grips the knob? Any ideas?

This also shows the little clock shown in the jaeger clock thread that I decided to try.



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Maybe an extension using aluminum. If it were turned to the diameter of the knob it could be joined with some heat shrink tubing? Or maybe some very elastic tubing that would grip well.


stu spalding

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A piece of speedo cable makes a nice flexible extension but I'm not sure how you'd fix it to the existing set up. I persevered with mine and got the little screw out. Cheers, Stu.


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this is exactly the Company. They make the length of the shaft how you want it.I ordered it one Inch longer. Erik

Gary Gittleson

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Mr. Bmetcalf,

I'd advise you to do as I did and drill and tap the housing on this little clock for three set screws. The one I posted is my second. The first one stayed in place for maybe 150 miles. I looked down one day and low and behold, the case was empty. That stupid soft plastic ring is not up to the task.

I used three little stainless allen 2 mm screws (I think that's the size) with lock nuts. It's been fine ever since.


P.S. I've been asked what "LH" means on the face of the clock. I have no idea.