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Series d details


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After 46 years I have at last obtained a D Tank for my open D Rap., thanks to ebay !. The bike has lived with a C tank all these years. I was surprised to see a small cut-away on the front right hand side of the D tank, but when I took the C tank off I could see that it was to clear a lug on the UFM. This lug has a flat face angled upwards with 2no. ¼" holes in it. Can anybody tell me the purpose of this arrangement, perhaps something to do with the enclosed model ?.

It also leads me to the second reason for writing. I wanted to tidy some details of the D [some may find this had to believe as I do not have a reputation for tidy bikes], but nevertheless I would like to consider some of the standard arrangement, and the location of the voltage control unit and horn are 2 items I cannot find any details so far. I have just ordered Jacqueline Bickerstaff’s book, there may be detail there, I can't believe the above frame lug was created for a horn mounting !


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Many thanks Bruce and to Russell Kemp for the phone call. I am still amazed that Vincents went to all that trouble to mount a horn, when they were supposedly minimise costs on the D. Quite in contradiction to the ugly mounting for the coil, on the side of the engine.

Also thanks to Russell for pointing out that the voltage control unit lives just in front of the tool box, mounted somehow on the top frame tube

Bernard Jones
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