Series B Oil Cap

Phil Baker

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Afternoon all...

Anybody got a Series B oil dipstick cover knocking about, please? I've got a C one on my B and I'd rather have the right one.... It's finished and on the road now - could also do with swapping my S.467/3/L speedo for the correct S.433/3/L as well.... Thanks to everyone who helped with advice and bits! Phil
Rapide right.JPG


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Hi Phil,

Nice Rapide! It looks to be about the same vintage as my late 48. It looks like you are working toward all original, but the VOC spares company has them in stock. Also I see that Michael Breeding has plans to make them, though that may not have happened yet. His should be very close to original, judging from what I have gotten from his shop so far.



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Nice bike Phil, but then I am biased towards Series Bs. I would be careful with that front guard though, it looks very low at the rear. The rear should be about level with the base of the magneto cowl.