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E: Engine Seized Jet Holder in Timing Cover


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A timing cover was handed to me yesterday with a seized jet block holder. A bolt had been welded to it and it had twisted off without budging the jet holder even though heat had been applied to the back of the cover.


I took a bolt with the same diameter and tapered the very end, but left a small flat on the point. I tacked the bolt onto the jet holder while holding it upright. After a bit of straightening I welded it as much as possible. I could not get to the back as the timing cover shielded it.

It does not do well to attempt to turn the bolt out if it resists. Squirt some penetrating oil on and heat up the back with a propane torch until the thread is bubbling with penetrating oil. Turn the bolt left and right for as long as it takes to loosen (more heat and oil sessions may be necessary.)


It finally turned out. If you look closely you can see the small section of the bolt that was not welded now that the bolt has been turned out. It was still a very substantial weld.


The powder coating remained in very good condition. A new holder was inserted after coating it with TefGel. It took an hour.



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A gratifying feeling when seized bolts finally relent and come out without drama. That job has to be worth a few pints and a basket or two of wings. Well done and praise be to the man that invented TIG.

Nigel Spaxman

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Nice job. I have removed lots of exhaust studs from car cylinder heads and other horribly rusted bolts and studs using that method, but I don't think preserving the finish of the part had ever been a concern. I wonder why it was rusty. I take mine out every once in a while to check it is clean and it is always oily. I have to take it out to remove the cover also.