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Seal petrol tank to prevent ethanol damage


New Forum Website User
VOC Member
The petrol tank on my Black Shadow is sealed/painted internally but the sealant is being eaten by the ethanol in fuel. Who should I use to strip and reseal the tank? I'm in Kent.


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
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I'd use whoever is responsible for putting this muck in the petrol - Beat him to a paste and smear round the inside of the tank!!

Sorry, not very helpful, but I'm having petrol problems myself. :(



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I sealed a painted Alloy Metisse Tank last night with a kit from Draganfly motorcycles.
It cost £32.52 all in, and for that you get a petseal remover and the tank sealant (SLOSH) which is claimed 100% ethanol proof.
It came with clear instructions which were easy to follow and Draganfly's delivery was excellent.
It is in the Curing state now and I will be using it shortly.
One tip I used to protect my paintwork was to wrap clingfilm around the tank a few times and I blocked my petrol filler with a sponge in a small poly bag .
I hope this helps.

Hugo Myatt

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Hi Jon,

Have you used the Petseal remover? If so what are the problems if any? I have just discovered the hard way that one of my tanks has been Petsealed in the past. The lining is now dissolving and an unsuspected leak has appeared. Any more info gratefully appreciated.



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VOC Member
Hi Hugo,
Yes I did use the Petseal remover which is part of this kit.
The old Petseal in my tank was flaking off, hence the need to remove it.
The Remover is a runny paintstripper that you pour into the tank & swish about.
Then you pour it out and the old Petseal drops out with it & then you need to put some white spirit in the tank to remove any residue.
All this is in the kit instructions.
Cheers Jon.

Tom Gaynor

Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
I remember Brian telling me (maybe 10 years ago) that he routinely sealed tanks, but he didn't say what he used. He did disparage commercially available sealants. I have a hazy recollection he mentioned aircraft sealants, which would be odd because Avgas does not contain ethanol or methanol. My racer tank lasted 10 years on Avgas sealed with Petseal, which dissolved the first weekend (last year) that pump fuel and an octane booster was used. I have bought Restom sealant, which, even if the owner wasn't Dany Vincent, got to be good stuff, is French, and French fuel contains more ethanol than ours currently does. (Caveat: I haven't tried it yet. It works best applied above 15 deg C, and Aberdeen has yet to see such elevated temperatures...)
My steel tank was sealed five years ago with POR15. Still OK.

Brian Dees from Chatham sealed my tank many years ago, with what i don't know but up to .now i don't seem to be having any problems
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