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Rust in the fuel tank


john hogan

Could anyone help,with a way of getting light rust out of the fuel tank and a way of sealing it,poss australian product.cheers john hogan


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Rust in tank

There are several phosphoric acid products available. I think "Killrust" or similar is the best product. Empty tank & flush with a high pressure water blaster (remove petrol taps first). Lay in hot Aussie sun for a day.
Plug tap holes with cork or wax. Pour about 500 ml of the antirust solution into tank & wear safety glasses & acid resistant gloves. Put petrol cap on tank & GENTLY slosh around for 10 minutes. Repeat the agitation a couple of times, remembering to turn tank in 360º in all directions. Drain into a suitable container. Lay out in hot Aussie sun for a day. Job done! If you want to be really keen (over $100) use POR15 or KREEM tank treatment. These products are great if there is a pin prick hole somewhere BUT a waste of money if you just have a mild rust problem. The killrust treatment can be repeated every 3 or 4 years if required. The phosphoric acid converts Ferrous oxide to Ferric oxide (I think) then leaves a polymer coat that inhibits further oxidation (rust). Anyway what you are doing is the opposite of oxidation (Loss of electrons) called Reduction (donation of electrons). End result is a neutral metal.
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I've done the pressure washing of the tank.How much is the postage to 'Hot Aussie Sun'?:D and can I have it back for a run on new years day?.John(whinging pom) in dull dismal Suffolk .


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Ferric oxide is better known as rust. Phosphate treatment is a prior to paint or coating, the finishing process applied soon after the treatment. If left as is, will need a de-watering oil applied to stop further rusting, this will occur in a very short time.
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